The Exponential team has in-depth knowledge of cutting edge technologies, practices and systems. Our team of experienced and growth-oriented experts can help you understand the technological development from a business and societal perspective. By sharing knowledge and understanding about the technologies and their potential, we empower you to lead the transformation in your industry. Find out more about our services here.


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is being implemented in almost every aspect of society. Machine learning makes it possible for companies and governments to release resources, identify patterns and opportunities. Advanced algorithms can help organizations understand clients and users better and  be of support in creating value. The Exponential team has experience both in explaining the advancements of the technology as well as in building and implementing AI-systems.


Robotics, automatization & sensors

The progress within the area of robotics and sensor technology significantly contributes to increased efficiency and productivity across a wide range of industries. Automating segments of a company’s value chain can free up time and resources for development of products and services. The Exponential team has experience in identifying potential tasks for automation and has an in-depth knowledge of the newest applications and trends in robotics.


Big data & data Science

Through the billions of connected devices, nodes in the global network, more data than ever is being collected. Once the data has been cleaned and organized, it can help us to gain knowledge of our businesses and society. Applied data science is of essential importance for streamlining and optimizing operations and plays an important role in strategy formation. The Exponential team can help you gain greater insights into how to unlock the potential of your data.


Internet of things

.The inter-networking of physical devices, vehicles, buildings and other entities enable the collection and exchange of data. Until now, the world has only seen the beginnings of a development towards a more integrated, seamless and efficient “infrastructure of the information society”. Exponential can help you determine what degree of connectivity is desirable given your current focus, and help you to analyze the arising opportunities in IoT.


Blockchain technology

Blockchain technology has a revolutionary potential in various industries. The decentralizing effects of the technology can help redefine financial industries, insurance markets and legal services. Blockchain technology allows for transactions to be made faster, more secure, and with increased transparency. It can also allow for reduced costs through shared resources and distributed solutions. Many of Silicon Valley’s leading innovators claim that blockchain technology will become as important as the PC and the Internet has been on a global level, particularly in terms of digital impact. The Exponential team is continuously researching the advancements in the field and in 2016, we co-authored one of Sweden’s most in-depth studies of the technology. Read the full report here.


Synthetic biotechnology

In the intersection of engineering and biology, a new discipline is taking shape, where artificial design and engineering of biological systems create opportunities for improved applications for industry. The understanding of synthetic biology will play a vital role in areas ranging from consumer goods and healthcare to data storage. Exponential can help you understand the progress in the design of living organisms and to identify potential opportunities for your business.