Executive Programs

Technology itself cannot drive progress or empower people. Only when it is harnessed by educated and motivated thought leaders can technology transform organizations and society for the better. Exponential has extensive experience in developing tailor-made training, courses and workshops, tailored to help organizations and team members learn about new technologies as well as the digital mindset required for successful leadership.

To date, more than 45 000 individuals have successfully taken part of our programs, seminars, lectures and inspiring workshops.

The Stellar Executive Program

Stellar Capacity - Stellar Executive Program

The Stellar Executive Program is designed to provide both a theoretical understanding as well as practical and actionable insights. This is ensured through a mix of lectures, interactive workshops and insights from different interdisciplinary perspectives. The participants are challenged to think beyond their previous experiences and leverage their own and the other participants´ know-how in active problem solving. During the program, key concepts of digitalization are presented, for example exponential technologies which are redefining business and operations - Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Internet of Things. The program highlights how disruptive technologies contribute to the formation of new ecosystems, redefining classical supply chains into more networked platform models. The program also highlights the importance of strategic partnerships and  the need for organizations to adapt their culture to meet the changing business environment. The program provides insights that can help the participants in creating the right conditions to lead a successful digital transformation journey. 

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Case Example: Decoding X

The faculty of the first program of Decoding X.

The faculty of the first program of Decoding X.

Decoding X, in collaboration with the Stockholm School of Economics Executive Education, offers a twelve-day long educational program for senior executives to lead in and through the digital transformation. An interactive, innovative, and experimental format, giving you the opportunity to test out concepts, ideas and models, receiving effective feedback in the learning process and empowering you to lead in the digital era.

Case Example: Future Focus

Prince Daniel of Sweden with Exponential's CEO, Claudia Olsson, during Future Focus 2016.

Prince Daniel of Sweden with Exponential's CEO, Claudia Olsson, during Future Focus 2016.

The world needs strong digital leadership in order to successfully respond to global challenges and opportunities. Digital leaders need to understand technology and be able to drive transformation processes within organizations and societies. Future Focus is the format we have created where you can exchange, develop and inspire world-changing ideas. Future Focus helps to put global mega-trends into perspective. Our vision is to bridge the technology experts and thought leaders with businesses, organizations, and governments.

We invite leading global minds to share their expertise and insights on exponential growth areas such as artificial intelligence, digital manufacturing, clean energy, quantum computing, blockchain technology, synthetic biology, as well as virtual and augmented reality, to name a few. We were honored to have the 2016 Future Focus conference hosted by Nasdaq and attended by H.R.H. Prince Daniel of Sweden, who gave the opening address.