Innovation Challenges & Need for Speed Programs


Innovation challenges have proven to be one of the most effective methods to unite teams, to inspire innovative thinking and to foster accomplishments beyond all expectations. Exponential offers tailor-made Need for Speed programs to support your organization in the digital transformation.

New technology-powered means have emerged in the quest for efficient ideation processes. Businesses and stakeholders can now run open innovation processes by creating specific challenges, prizes, and quests. Promoting innovation through prizes is not new in itself – they have a track-record of contributing to world-changing developments, such as the first transatlantic flight and the first accurate way to measure longitude at sea.

Recently they have had a spectacular revival thanks to competitions such as the X-Prize (which kick-started the new private spaceflight industry) and the DARPA Grand Challenge (which contributed to the creation of the self-driving car). Exponential provides support in the planning and judging of leading international and local competitions.